• Feb 2022
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Consumers are demanding Regenerative Agriculture labels on their food

Consumers are demanding Regenerative Agriculture labels on their food – mylagro

Consumers are demanding Regenerative Agriculture labels on their food

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This will be the new certification that reconciles responsible buying and healthy eating with sound farming practices. Read this interesting Bloomberg article to educate yourself.

Regenerative Agriculture is simply using farming practices that are ultimately better for the global environment and local ecosystems. It’s going to be exciting to see how the demand for these products will grow as consumers demand more control over their food sources.

We predict that it will be similar to the Organic/Bio label boom, however, as seen today and also mentioned in the article, the demand for organic food far exceeds the supply; today’s sourcing and certification methods often have the wrong incentives.

Farmers are often the unsung heroes of the food chain. They should deservedly receive a bigger share of the profits from these trends. The math is simple: the grapes in a bottle of wine cost just 6% of the sales price.

With consumers willing to pay 30% more for a Regenerative label product, this could easily represent a revenue boost for the farmer. Unfortunately, with so many middle men, that is often not the case.

But if consumers, restaurants, and food processors could more conveniently buy directly from farms, they would be willing to reward farmers with better prices for their heroic role in helping us eat healthier and more environmentally friendly food ingredients. This will also drive more supply. This is the story we are trying to create with mylagro…connecting the food chain…from farm to fork…

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