About us

Mylagro empowers farmers to connect with people and businesses locally and globally who want to buy their produce direct. Farmers and cooperatives of all sizes showcase their farm and sell their produce on mylagro by telling their story: through videos, certification, harvest forecasts and client testimonials. Restaurants, food businesses and consumers seeking to source their food in a fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly way use mylagro to buy direct from farmers.

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  • Our mission

    To help the world’s farmers succeed by using technology to enhance the farmer to consumer experience.

    Why we exist

    People are right to want more control over what they eat. And farmers, in the tough business of producing food, managing natural resources and trying to improve the lives of their own families, are keen to meet that demand. Mylagro brings people and farmers together.

    We help people experience fresher, healthier, great-tasting food, in a way that also helps sustain farmers and their business. This ethical approach can help us lower our environmental footprint, create convenience and even lower costs.

    Farmers and Cooperatives:
    Food quality requirements and the logistics of bringing food from farm to fork are becoming ever more complex for farmers and cooperatives. We put the power in their hands to connect with relevant customers all along the food chain to give them the business opportunities they deserve.